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Saturday, April 27, 2013

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Dear seekers of knowledge. Welcome To Our Online Quran Teaching Blog.The Quran is the great bounty and gift from almighty Allah.Allah Almighty has mentioned all the laws valuable information, smart deeds and prosperity of all human beings in His Book (Quran)in this era the Muslims are politically financially, culturally as well as socially are facing troubles and suffering from destruction.Only because they do not follow the Holy Quran as it should be followed.to get rid from these troubles and suffering we muslims must learn the Holy Quran and follow all commandments of almighty Allah properly.Importance of the Holy Quran. In fact Islamic knowledge is rather more necessary than the rest of worldly knowledge.because it is the last message of the Almighty Allah and it is our responsibility to follow the Teachings of holy Quran to get success in this life also in here after life. So we have designed some awesome courses and you have opportunity to learn them.We provide the quality learning services and education.our tutors are expert highly qualified. They can deliver lectures in numerous languages and they create friendly environment to teach students. So our students learn fast and quickly and save lots of time. Please do not hesitate to join us. Even if you can not pay a single penny. We will try our best to provide a tutor to teach you without any cost. 100%satisfaction is guaranteed.                                                                 

Courses We Offer

 (1) Basic Quran Reading
 (2) Memorization Of Holy Quran (Hifz e Quran
 (3) Tafseer ul Quran ( Interpretation Of Holy Quran)
 (4) Translation Of Holy Quran
 (5) Four Years Islamic Scholars (AAlim Course)
 (6) Tajweed Tarteel Course
 (7) Languages Courses Urdu Arabic English Pashto

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